Koneko (that little fluffly kitty) loves ice cream of all flavors. 

Get the ice cream before it melts! Pick up the cone for extra points!

Try to reach the highest score on each level for maximum entertainment.


Game made in one month for the Indie Dev Jam en Español #11.

Ranked 2nd out of 10.

2D Artist Jamethzy

Musician SirPython

Programmer Tottori


Full screen recommended.

WASD / Arrow Keys to move.

Updated 3 days ago
Release date 21 days ago
AuthorsTottori, juicybitsjames, SirPython
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tags2D, cats, Cute, Dogs, Food, Pixel Art, Score Attack, Short, Singleplayer, Time Attack
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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Enjoyed the game and definitely left a follow =) Maybe I will look into another game of yours as well and make another vid on it =) also be sure to let me know of any future games you make!

Thanks, I liked the video! Subscribed.

thank you so much :)

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Hey. I love the idea. I made a sprite for your game. 

Here it is:

It is ok if you dont use it.

hahah thanks, I'll send it to our 2D art director : P