Your daughter's laptop starts making noises... would it be a good idea to take a look at it?


This game was made in 7 hours for the Game Breaker's Toolkit Jam #3, which is focused on bad design, horrible mechanics and stupid ideas.

Ranked 5th out of 35.


Loud noises in the first part of the game.


Programmer: Tottori

Stock photos by:

Nikolay Tarashchenko on Unsplash

Efe Kurnaz on Unsplash

Stéphan Valentin on Unsplash

Music by:
Off to Osaka by Kevin MacLeod
Technodoggos by Demoiselle Döner
De Cuba by SONGO 21

Release date Aug 02, 2020
Made withUnity, Aseprite
TagsArcade, Funny, glitch, Horrible, Local multiplayer, Music, screensaver, Short, Unity
LicenseMIT License
Asset licenseCreative Commons Attribution_ShareAlike v4.0 International
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 16

Development log


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I am clicking on the top right corner, but nothing appens :(

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**you need to click on the upper right corner when the text is displayed (and only then). If you click 'next' and close it, the hidden button dissapears**



Hey. I just played your game. I love it. I hope to see more of your games in future. I recorded how I played your game on the video. You can check it below.


haha great job man! stay hydrated!