A downloadable soundtrack

This was a challenge consisting of creating a track everyday during September.

It was my first try at composing music. Made for the Songtember 3 Jam.


Day-1-Forgotten.wav 16 MB
Day-2-Minimalist 6 MB
Day-3-Funny 833 kB
Day-4-Separate 5 MB
Day-7-Happy 4 MB

Development log


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Hey, you got a week in, nice! Do you think you'll try, again, for all 30, next year?

For sure. I got carried away making games haha and also met a lot of musicians who made tracks for me, but I enjoy playing around with my midi controller so yeah, I'd be happy to join again.

I also think this is a great idea. Sounding cool, so far -- good luck!

Thanks, I'll do my best, it is fun!

I freaking love this idea.

Sound design is one of my strengths, but music.... for some reason I struggle with it. Maybe I'll consider doing the same thing for practice.  :)


Yeah, it's a good challenge for musicians of all levels. The jam runs all month, so check it out. Greetings.

day 2nd's music is awesome.

Thank you! I hope to make another good one in the rest of the month.