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whens chapter 2 coming out this is such a fun idea



please put the soundtrack somewhere, it’s really good music!

please put is somewhere


What a spicy story!

love it!

good first impressions

Great style, great art, great music. Great aesthetic, overall!

I NEED a part 2!


Nice game! what a solid team. i loved it. please continue :)


Chapter 2, codename 'Adam'. Seems that it has already consumed its 'wine'.

And why is Elon Musk a giraffe and wants to sell flamethrowers?

Chapter 2 can't have the same fate as Adam. 

J.J. knows her market, if that's what they want... :)

thanks for the update, glad to know chapter 2 is still going!


Great aesthetics, music and atmosphere. The story is intriguing as well, curious about what happens next.

This game is so cute! Can't wait for the next chapter :)

Awesome game you made here sir! Good job!


Awesome! can't wait for next chapter :D


Nice game! I liked the diverse cast of characters and I'm interested to see where the story goes in Chapter 2.

Super Awesome but I like to go Upstairs pls :)


Oh you will


Great job! Fantastic art and dialogue. I really liked the distinct personalities of each person!



Awsome game. I really like the plot :>

I hope you like the conclusion!


This is awesome, I love the story (and can't wait to see what happens next)! The characters are all really unique too.

Shoutout to Soliloquy and Sasha! They made it possible. Chapter 2 in the works!

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The story is good, the music makes me go Yes, and the characters are awesome. Keep working on this! 10/10!

Chapter 2 coming soon, hope you like it as well!


Cool game! love the pixel art and the music is cool! great!

We're happy you liked it!


loved the artstyle of the game, good work!

Thanks! Shoutout to Sasha!

I loved the game! the art style is stunning, very well made, i hope to see more of it coming out!

We are glad to hear that, chapter 2 in development! 

This game was just overall very unique! I loved the pixel art and just how many characters there were was so impressive, especially since this was for MFGJ. Everyone on the team did such an amazing job on this and it came together well! Rated: 5/5!

Thank you, we tried our best, greetings!

I loved it!!!

We are so glad!

I am a man that admires good art, and I will say that this has not just good pixel art but good story and music too! A very well done game, great job!


Thanks for your words!

Oh my god...


Seems like a murder mystery! Or maybe... maybe more of a mystery in general cuz well... we know what happened haha

Anyways, I love the game! The designs are so nice!!

I can't wait to learn more about this game!!

Working on chapter 2! Thanks for playing.

I loved it! The art style and music, the writing, the hard cut to credits at the end. Very happy to hear there's more planned even if I'm not sure I'm prepared for what we might learn!

Thank you! We are really exited to add more interactions and more story!

So far really enjoying the style, music and color pallete! clicked all around and talked to everyone, hope i didnt miss anything ahha

Thank you! Soon there will be far more interactions even in this same chapter. Stay tuned!

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Thanks for playing!

Just played it.  So far?  Solid work.  More, please.

Chapter 2 please I can't wait what happens next! everything is on point! the art is amazing :D great job to your team :D

Thank you!! I think I speak for a whole team when I say we are as exited to show you the next chapter as you are to play it!!